PSY-FI 2018


Where to start?



Actually, not too far in the past, as we only agreed to join this year’s Shamanic Experience a few days prior the event itself.
Thus, in a very short amount of time, we managed to get our stock together, round up a decent surplus of bamboo toothbrushes to cater for the – give or take – 14.000 visitors, and organized our trip to the Groene Ster, Leeuwarden’s recreational area turned fairy tale playground.



There we were warmly greeted by Nanda, who channels all of her powers into the festival store, and Bettina, editor of the local Inpsyder and de facto Jill-of-all-trades. Thanks to them, Packmatters could spread their love (and solar energy!) to every passersby, whether they needed a shower, a chai latte, or some much-needed deodorant. We even got a spot in the Inpsyder!



One of the many other ‘supplier’ perks bestowed upon us, was meeting other up-and-coming entrepreneurs such as Jan from Doobiewood, who took it upon himself – and his crew – to make smoking at least a little bit healthier all around.



And the festival itself? As expected, Psy-Fi managed to surpass itself yet again.

Not only in terms of the amount and quality of music, art, food and shops, but in showing that their heart is always in the right place, for human, animal, and environment alike.



Vehicles and generators run on a special hybrid fuel made from vegetable oils and other renewable materials. 

At night the sound is turned down to a pleasant minimum (or maximum, if you’re one of those five ever-disgruntled neighbours), and you can borrow a wireless headphone to boost your auditory pleasure.

Special measurements have been taken to safeguard a rare species of frogs, and even the light bulbs around the trees and lakes have been adjusted so the hunting and nesting grounds of bats and birds are less affected by the festivities.

And volunteers, the heart and lungs of Psy-Fi, picked up any stray litter they happened upon. Even though this 'waste' was already at a minimum, thanks to the organizers' and festivalgoers' wonderful mindset.



And as usual, the festival was pure bliss.
Words cannot do it justice.
We expect everyone to keep an open space in their schedule (and heart) for 2019!



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